Terms of Service

My Terms of service is meant to lay out plainly for commissioners what I am and am not willing to provide as a service.

I will accept:

-Other Anthros (complexity dictates charge)
-From real-life reference
-Certain fanart (ask me)

-Any gender
-2-3 people in one drawing (additional charge per character)
-Mechanical Parts and objects (extra charge dependant on complexity)
-Small amounts of violence/gore
-Abnormal anatomy
-Ask me if you are unsure

I Won't Draw

-Sexual Violence
-Extreme Abuse
-Excessively Harmed children/animals
-In someone else's style without their express permission to ME directly
-Graphic Vore

If you want a refund it must be requested before the completion of line work.
I will only answer to the commissioner in terms of my art. The customer has the final say. Doesn't matter if you are their mother, sister, girlfriend or Rabbi. They paid for it they make the calls and I send them the product.

Concerns can be taken to my manager (ask for his info)
Free art is subject to being done after all other projects

I work based on the scope of time so this IS NOT first come first served unless otherwise stated.

Accepted Payment Methods: Paypal, Cash App, or Cash (if given in person).

Contact me on

twitter: https://twitter.com/KandiPoPOffical
Discord: KandiPoP#1425