Meet the Drop Pop Candy Shop Team

Edge Lord Goddess of arts and sass. Kind of a ditz, definitely a klutz, but loves to help make your day sweeter.

I am a majority self-taught artist. I began drawing at an early age, learning from the shows I watched (predominantly animated as live action could not hold my interest) and carried on into middle school, discovering my passion for animation. Later, in high school where I took my first formal drawing classes. From there I pursued a degree at the University of Indianapolis in Studio Art with a concentration in Illustration and animation.
My work is heavily influenced by eastern animation styles (anime) and by Don Bluth as well as a number of smaller names in the animation community (Vivziepop, MrWeebl). My work is highly stylized to reflect a sense of sweetness and confection like visual. My choices for color and emotion depend heavily on my synesthesia. My process takes my synesthetic mindset and begins with numerous sketches, hand drawn on paper with pencil, often with various colors of graphite to help keep things separated. After revising the sketches, I digitize (scan or photograph) them to be vectored and colored. The vectoring process unfolds very much like the sketching process with multiple revisions in succession. Once the vector has been approved I begin to match colors. Often the pallet is determined by the emotion being portrayed or the intended feel of an image. From there I use custom made brushes to apply textures, effects, and small details to the flat color image. The final product is often in digital format.